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  • Coups, a decisive battle!!!!!

SuXing melting talents, technology, electronic technology, quality, service, strategies for complex elements, continue to improve the work flow, forging outstanding quality, continuous creates SuXing brand, maintain leading position, more broadly, higher vision target for customers, create more value;


  • Harmonious development, with brilliant!

We cherish a great importance, all business or will the customers, partners for cooperation to customers to our expression of trust and expect gratitude, we stick to offer customers the most for excellent quality products and the most satisfactory services; We also and excellent supplier network, the Allies for consolidating the strategic cooperation partnership, abide by integrity and common development.


  • Let's cooperate and roughly!!!!!

SuXing team of professional skills, have passion, plus a ambition, everyone is eager to customers together with for China's electronics industry as a booming contribute ourselves to increasing brick, add watts.

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